Brexit information

Current international political developments and economic uncertainties in Europe, including the Brexit can make future investment and location decisions for international companies difficult. Where to (re)locate our head offices? Is our planned expansion into Europe wise? Where can we find a stable, productive and rewarding business climate? These and more questions are in the minds of decision makers all over the world, who are dealing with decisions about business in Europe.

Individual expats too are wondering about what the future may bring them. British citizens in the Netherlands are uncertain about their future rights and options for living and working in our country.

Current situation
It is still unclear when Britain will be leaving the EU and under what conditions. It is likely that the Brexit process will take several years. The first step is for Britain to invoke an agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty). This will give Britain and the EU a period of two years to agree the terms for the Brexit.  The entire process will likely take longer. During this time, Britain will remain a full EU member. It is impossible for anyone to foresee of predict the outcomes of this complex process.

The Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment team and the people at Rotterdam Expat Centre follow the Brexit developments closely and are constantly in touch with national and local governments and international businesses about developments. Our experts  are happy to talk to you about any questions you may have about settling, living and working and doing business in the Netherlands and in Rotterdam. Please find the contact details on this page.

Irrespective of the current economic uncertainties and future outcomes of the Brexit, internationally oriented Rotterdam provides international companies a stable, rewarding and internationally oriented business climate. The second city of the Netherlands is an excellent choice, offers great value-for-money and is the ideal entry point for the European markets. Want to know more about the advantages of Rotterdam as location for international businesses? Click here to find out more.