Our services

Rotterdam Partners International Trade and Investment is the official starting point for investors, domestic or international, who would like to set up shop in, or expand in Rotterdam. We will be happy to give you independent, objective advice, at no cost, about the possibilities and opportunities for your business  in Rotterdam. We can assist you in any and every area you might need help in.

Expanding your business

Planning to locate in, or expand in, Rotterdam? Then you have come to the right place: Rotterdam Partners is your official one-stop shop for everything you need to facilitate your investment decision. And we do not stop there: even after you have settled in, we will be there for you, helping out in any way we can.

Rotterdam Partners strengthens  the ties between the city and Dutch and international businesses based here. Our aim is to better serve their needs  and doing what we can to help ensure that businesses remain here and possibly even expand.

Our account managers are here to help, among other things by:

  • Giving information, advice and support in such areas as the current investment climate, how to develop your business, and how you can take advantage of new investment opportunities in Rotterdam.
  • Facilitating access to local, regional, national and international networks
  • Putting you in touch with municipal, provincial and national government, public organizations, and service providers such as consultants, lawyers, and recruitment agencies
  • Helping you find and secure applicable subsidies and other incentives
  • Facilitating, and providing information on, partnerships between educational institutes and the private sector
  • Providing help and support in all the administrative and related aspects of setting up in or expanding into Rotterdam, such as visas, work permits, legislation and regulations, and taxes
  • Offering support in resolving bottlenecks with respect to the investment climate in Rotterdam.

Rolling out the red carpet

Rotterdam Partners runs an investor-development programme, under which it holds dozens of events each year, from seminars and conferences to networking dinners, round-table sessions, and meetings with representatives of local government.

In addition, we will invite you to regular Red Carpet Events, where you will be able to meet with key decision makers in the public and private sectors.