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Welcome to Rotterdam

Thinking of setting up a business in Rotterdam, but you are not quite sure  where to start? We are here to help. We offer a range of services that can help pave the way to your successful launch.

At Rotterdam Partners, we are all about support. We start with the basics: what do you need to know about investing in the city? Based on your business’s profile, and the direction you would like to go in, we can point you in the right direction—not only with written information, but also by organising fact-finding trips for you to places in the city that will be of particular interest.

Our specialists have years of wide-ranging and in-depth experience and we are here to put that at your disposal. Whether you want a fuller understanding of a market niche, or a detailed picture of how a given regulatory framework applies to your business, whether it is finding office space, manufacturing or storage facilities, finding the right legal advisor, working with the local chamber of commerce or with the local or national tax service, or setting up meetings with local entrepreneurs, we’ll be right there with you, helping you resolve any bottlenecks you may encounter.

Finding a location

Whether you are setting up your headquarters, a production facility, a warehouse or an office, Rotterdam Partners will make sure that you will find the perfect location by:

  • Helping you with the pre-selection of locations focusing on both business needs and facilities as well as on public transport links, infrastructure, accessibility for your workforce, and business support services
  • Connecting you to top real-estate and housing agents in the cityAccompanying you during site visits as you short-list your sites​

Finding your way around in the regulatory environment

Need assistance in legal procedures for starting your business? Our account managers will fully guide you to understand local and Dutch business markets by:

  • Providing basic information on legal procedures and regulations for establishing business in Rotterdam
  • Connecting you to specialized legal & tax advisors for in-depth information on laws and regulations in the EU
  • Assisting you with administrative and tax issues
  • Assisting you with registration processes for the chamber of commerce, setting up your business entity using a notary publicy and giving assistance with getting all the correct business documentation.​

The right people: top skills, latest know-how

We can help you to find the people your business needs in order to succeed, by:

  • Connecting you to Rotterdam’s specialised recruitment agencies
  • Giving you information on salaries and contract rates in the Netherlands, as well as on laws governing  contractors and employees
  • Helping you to quickly employ knowledge migrants via a fast-track recruitment process.​

Red Carpet Dinner

Every year, Rotterdam Partners puts on an exclusive Red Carpet Dinner as a way of showing its appreciation for new investors who have decided to call Rotterdam home. A major networking platform for the  Rotterdam business community giving you  access to top level decision makers in government and the corporate.

Trade Missions

Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment is the official starting point for businesses in the Rotterdam region that would like to do business abroad. We organise trade missions and fact finding trips focused on various different business sectors.


You can read the latest developments in FDI investments and trade and international business development in the Rotterdam area in the International Trade & Investment Business Newsletter.

Getting in touch

To find out more about how we can help your business take root and expand in Rotterdam, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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