Advantages of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a dynamic and international city where you can positively soak up the ‘can do’ spirit just about everywhere you go. Rotterdam is a major port and has many internationally renowned scientific institutions, a thriving international business community, high culture, architecture and leisure, all in one place.

The city is strategically located and exceptionally well connected by offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and logistics services. It is home to a highly productive and skilled workforce and competitive on costs. Rotterdam offers you great value for money, while The Netherlands offers effective and reliable business conditions and a competitive tax climate.

But we’re not just about work, work, and more work: the city is also a great place to live, to raise a family—and to enjoy your leisure time. It mixes a hip and happening urban scene with all the high culture you could ask for. From the visual arts to music and cutting-edge architecture, this former European Capital of Culture can hold its own against the best of them.

Gateway to Europe

Rotterdam is located on the North Sea and the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, so it boasts excellent connections to the rest of mainland Europe. Nestled in among Europe’s three biggest economies—Germany, France and the UK—it is right in the heart of the European market, which has a population of over 500 million people, who in turn have a combined purchasing power of $600 billion.

Europe’s busiest port is all about business

Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe and the eighth-largest in the world. More to the point, it is also Europe’s busiest port in terms of volume, with a throughput in 2013 of 11.6 million containers (TEUs). It has the deepest seaport in the world, which can be accessed by even the largest sea-going vessels ever made. The port and the area around it make up the largest industrial cluster in the Netherlands.

Get connected!

Rotterdam is supremely well connected in all the ways that will matter for your business: rail, road, shipping—including inland shipping—pipelines, air, and of course online, with state-of-the-art telecoms and internet connectivity. Here are some examples:

  • The A13, A15, A16 and A20 motorways
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Schiphol Airport: easy and frequent international connections by air
  • National and international trains, including hi-speed services
  • Reliable, high-speed telecommunications and internet connectivity​

Knowledge and know-how

When it comes to Knowledge with a big K, and knowing how to get things Done with a big D, the Rotterdam area has the best of both worlds. That is because the city is home to internationally renowned institutions such as Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft Technical University—and it has a highly skilled and productive workforce. More than three-quarters of its workforce has or is earning a bachelor’s degree. English is the second working language in the city.

Research, develop, grow

If your business is focused on research and development, or is all about sustainability, you will want to hear about the special incentives available over and above those for other businesses.

The right environment for your business

The Netherlands has the kind of political and economic stability that some of its competitors can only dream of. But it combines that solidity in its economic performance with growth-oriented dynamism. That’s why it is the world’s eighth most-competitive country, and Europe’s fourth, according to the WEF Global Competitiveness Index ranking 2014-2015, and the second-largest exporter in Europe. So it has the kind of growth-oriented environment that can help your business reach its full potential.

Open and inclusive culture

The Netherlands has a long history of trading around the world, from Japan to Sri Lanka, and from Indonesia to the Americas. Our international outlook  shows here at home, both in the country as a whole and especially in this thriving port city. International influences give us cutting-edge design, international cuisine and a dynamic city atmosphere—not surprising in a city that people from no fewer than 170 countries call home.

More than just a pretty skyline

Rotterdam is famous for its avant-garde architecture. But that permanent visual feast is just one part of the city’s lively and cutting-edge cultural scene. Whatever your tastes, you will find it here, from the high-brow to the hip, and from visual to performing arts. The city even boasts its own world-class orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic. In fact, the city is known as the event capital of the Netherlands.